Jade is a Magic Gem

Jade is a Happy stone. It loves to be handled. It does not sparkle, but glows. Jade loves water. Almost all food pieces of jewel Jade come from pebbles which have been in water for many years. Jade pieces will definitely improve with wearing as pearls do, and although naturally cold, will take on warmth from the body.

Jade absorbs oil fro the skin and constant contact with the body will enhance the luster and bring out latent color. The people of the Far East value Jade more than any other stone because they believe it brings them good luck. That is why an individual chooses a stone by appeal rather than price tag.
It is believed that a traveler wearing a piece of jade will come to no harm in an accident, but the jade will crack. All jade varies in hue according to the impurities present. Pure jade is white. Almost all colors of the spectrum are shown in different shades. White streaked with brilliant green, grey speckled with black, misty blue mottled gold, reds, browns, lavenders, etc.

In ancient China, jade was a ritual insignia symbol of authority. Jade represents benevolence. Its translucency, revealing the inner markings, is like the honesty of righteousness. Its penetrating resonant tone is like the clarity of wisdom. Like a man of courage, it can be broken, but can’t be scratched. Like justice, it has sharp edges, but will not cut.
(From Chips & Splinters via Stonecutter, 2005)