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July 19 2014 Field TRip Tabletop Mt AKA Crystal Mt above Liberty on Blewtt Pass, WA

June 2014 Field trip to Red Top



February 16, 2013 Meeting
Field trip to Ellensburg Agate & Bead Shop Feb. 9, 2013
Jan 19, 2013 Club Meeting at Clearwater Steakhouse

June 2010
We had a good time rock hounding with John Stanfield in Wyoming's Petrified Blue Forest and with Bobby Allen, and Richard & Charlene Prevett at the Texas Spring site in Nevada in early June this year. --- Larry and Wanda

Wyoming. Collected samples, Blue in back, Pink in middle, Pasley agate Nevada with Richard & Charlene Prevett and Bobby Allen.
August 23, '08
Red Top
Photos by submitted by Chuck Watkins
August 23, '08 Club Picknic
Photos by submitted by Chuck Watkins
Field Trip April 26, 08 Saddle Mountain
Photos by submitted by Paul Hampton

Chuck checking out a rock piece. A beautiful day cool and clear with Balsons in bloom.

Jeff working on a big piece for Catherine, with an audience.

Maxine and her friend taking a break.

This is Sharon from the Spokane Rock club. She was digging next to us and not finding anything. We let her join us and this is what she found.

Sharon's big one cut. Photo courtesy of Sharon.

The Hampton's days' finds with 3 of us digging.

Larry and Wanda Shaw
Field Trip July 20 08 Red Top Mountain
Photos by submitted by Paul Hampton

Bob and Sheri Spurrier

Carol and Darrel Smith

Blue agate, we'll see how blue after the rind is cleaned off.