Polishing Apache Tears

Crushed walnut shells are great to use as filler when polishing Apache Tears. Obsidian is difficult to polish and “bruises” easily. After you have finished filling your tumbler barrels ¾ full of Apache Tears, put in your grit and 3 to 4 cups of crushed walnut shells (you can layer this, then add your water.)

The shells can be obtained in 25 lb. Bags from your local farm/pet supply distributors. You will have to put in fresh walnut shells with each grit, but the cost is nominal. Also, put shells in with your polishing medium, wash carefully after polishing. But do not run over-night in detergent as you would other rocks. The polish will be great and you won’t have any bruising.
(Author George Anderson, Skagit Rock and Gem Club, 2006 via Quarry Quips, July, 2007)